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Cambiar idioma

Summer is coming and with it long days, fresh Atlantic breezes and, of course, unforgettable moments in the company of friends and family accompanied by a good organic Ferrera wine.


In our winery you can find a unique selection of wines that capture the essence of our land, perfect to enjoy this season. Do you want to know more about them? We tell you.

Fruity White Wine

Our fruity white wine is made from the Listán Blanco de Canarias and Moscatel de Alejandría varieties, making it the perfect choice for a hot afternoon. Its freshness and high aromatic intensity make it ideal to pair with fresh seafood, light salads or simply to enjoy alone while you relax in the sun.

Young Red Wine

For those who prefer a red wine even in summer, our Young Red is an excellent option. This wine, made from Listán Negro grapes, offers a light and fruity flavor profile , with olfactory notes of red fruits and caramel. It is perfect to accompany tapas, soft cheeses or even an outdoor barbecue.

Fruity Rosé Wine

The fruity Rosé from Bodegas Ferrera is another great companion for summer afternoons . Produced from Listán Negro grapes, this wine stands out for its vibrant color and its balance between acidity and sweetness . With notes of strawberry and red fruit, it is ideal to enjoy with paella, grilled fish or pasta dishes with light sauces.

Dry white wine

If you are a lover of dry white wines, our Dry White will not disappoint you. Also made with Listán Blanco and Albillo Criollo grapes, this wine is more complex, with citrus and mineral notes that reflect the volcanic terroir of Tenerife. It is perfect to pair with more elaborate dishes such as ceviches, sushi or white meats.

Organic White Wine

For a truly sustainable and delicious experience, our Organic White Wine is a sublime choice. This wine is ideal to accompany salads, fresh fish and vegetarian dishes.

In any season of the year: Ferrera Wines

At Bodegas Ferrera, we believe that each bottle of wine tells a story, and our organic varieties are designed to accompany you at any time. Discover how each sip can transport you to our vineyards, where tradition and innovation meet in perfect harmony.