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Our organic wine is more than a label; represents a commitment to sustainability and quality. Grown without synthetic chemicals, it offers a unique and authentic experience, celebrating the natural wealth of the region.

What is organic wine?

Organic wine is much more than a simple label. It represents a commitment to sustainability , health and quality . In the context of the Canary Islands , this expression takes on a special meaning, rooted in a centuries-old winemaking tradition and a unique natural environment .

Our organic wine arises from a regenerative agriculture approach, where we seek not only the production of quality grapes, but also the regeneration of the ecosystem. This growing method is based on respect for the land and its natural cycles, minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and promoting agricultural practices that encourage biodiversity and soil health.

Characteristics of an organic wine

Organic wine is distinguished by a series of characteristics that make it unique and appreciated by lovers of good wine. In the context of the Canary Islands, these characteristics are further enhanced thanks to the privileged natural conditions of the region.

What is the difference between an organic wine and a traditional one?

The difference between an organic wine and a traditional one lies mainly in the vine growing and winemaking methods used in its production.

  • Organic vineyards are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers . Instead, organic and natural practices are used, such as composting, the use of natural fertilizers and biological pest control, which promote soil health and biodiversity.
  • In the vinification of organic wines, the use of artificial additives is avoided and the intervention in the process is sought to be minimized . This means that minimal amounts of sulfites are used and natural fermentation is prioritized, allowing the wine to fully express its character and terroir.

In short, one of the main elements that can help us distinguish one from the other is the purity of its flavor , making it unique.