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Cambiar idioma

Our Ecological Vineyards and Wines

Towards a Sustainable Business Model

Ecology amidst lava

The essence of Bodegas Ferrera wines lies in ecologic farming.

For us, it is essential to produce healthy, residue-free grapes when crafting quality wine. That's why our focus extends to regenerative agriculture. Unlike traditional organic farming, this system aims not only to preserve the health of the land but also actively restore and improve it.

One fundamental aspect of regenerative agriculture is minimizing soil disturbance. Instead of tilling and turning the soil, we aim to keep it covered with vegetation, allowing native grasses and plants to grow and protect the soil from erosion.

In this way, we promote diversity and crop rotation to prevent soil nutrient depletion and naturally control pests. By cultivating a variety of plants, we encourage beneficial interactions among vine roots, soil microorganisms, and beneficial insects.

Pure nature in its natural state.

Microorganisms are essential as they decompose organic matter, which later serves as food for plants.

Additionally, through this practice, we introduce livestock into agricultural systems. At Bodegas Ferrera, it is our own flock of Pelibuey sheep that helps us promote the health and natural fertility of the soil. They feed on what the estate produces, and their organic waste, processed with red worms, forms the valuable compost that enriches the nutrient cycle of the land.

All of this is part of a closed loop that has allowed us to create a resilient agricultural system capable of regenerating soil health, promoting biodiversity, conserving water, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

In conclusion, when it comes time to make the wine, we discard the use of chemical products and carry out all processes naturally and traditionally. In this way, we honor traditions and work tirelessly to create something truly special.

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