Vinos Ferrera

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More than five decades ago, in the heart of the island of Tenerife , where the sun kisses the land and the ocean hugs the coast, the Ferrera family bought the Las Vigas estate, where our organic wine cellar is currently located. On the eve of Canary Islands Day, we want to highlight the authentic magic that emanates from our vineyards and is materialized in every sip of our Canarian wines.

In a world where sustainability and respect for the environment are increasingly crucial, we are proud to present our organic wines , a true tribute to the nature that surrounds us. Grown with care and dedication on our own lands, we are committed to a sustainable approach that respects natural cycles and preserves local biodiversity.

Ferrera wines

One of the aspects that defines us is our commitment to kilometer 0 products . Each product we use comes from our own vineyards, located in the fertile volcanic lands of the island of Tenerife .

Our repertoire of wines is enriched with a diversity of strains that capture the essence of the Canary Islands. In the world of white wines , the , Malvasía Aromática, Albillo Criollo and Vijariego Blanco stand out. While in the field of rosés , we are supported by Malvasía Rosada, Moscatel Negro and Listán Negro. When it comes to reds , our native variety, Vijariego Negro, joins the renowned Tempranillo and Syrah to offer a unique experience in every glass.

Canarian Heritage

Beyond their exquisite flavor, our wines tell a story of tradition and passion passed down from generation to generation.

The founder of our winery, Tomás Ferrera, carried out one of the most emblematic tasks of our estate: the construction of the dry stone walls. Day after day, for years, he ascended with his mule, to meticulously build the walls that support the terraces, where the vines of our native varieties still grow.

By choosing our organic wines, you are not only toasting the quality of the product, but you are also honoring the wealth and tradition of the Canary Islands. Don't leave behind the opportunity to discover the flavor of our land in each glass.

Health and happy Canary Islands Day!