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Located in the south of the island of Tenerife , our winery faces the exciting challenge of cultivating vineyards at 1,000 meters of altitude. The volcanic slopes of this area of ​​the Island offer a unique and challenging terrain for growing grapes, with altitudes that vary from 200 to 1,000 meters above sea level. This exceptional environment presents a host of challenges, such as the influence of volatile climate and exposure to the sun, but also offers opportunities to produce wines of unique and distinctive character , like ours .

At Bodegas Ferrera we have overcome this challenge with passion and dedication, implementing sustainable viticulture practices and innovative techniques such as regenerative agriculture.

From careful selection of the most suitable grape varieties to meticulous management of sun exposure and protection from the natural elements, every step in the growing process is carried out with the goal of capturing the essence of the unique terroir of the islands.

Key factors in high altitude viticulture

High altitude viticulture in this area of ​​the Island is shaped by a relationship of environmental factors, including climate , soil and grape varieties .

Tenerife's subtropical climate , influenced by its proximity to the equator and the presence of the Atlantic Ocean, offers unique conditions that affect the development of grapes. The volcanic slopes of the area have fertile soils rich in minerals, providing a distinctive minerality to the wines produced by Bodegas Ferrera.

Choosing the right grape varieties also plays a crucial role in the success of high altitude viticulture. Bodegas Ferrera wines have a careful selection of varieties that best adapt to the unique conditions of the terroir , including native ones such as Listán Negro and Listán Blanco.

Innovative techniques in high altitude viticulture: adaptation and oenological excellence

We are aware of the challenges that growing at extreme altitudes presents, which is why we have implemented innovative techniques to adapt and make the most of the potential of our vineyards.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight our position with the development of new sustainable viticulture techniques that minimize the impact on the environment and promote the long-term health of our vineyards, along with the planet.

This combination of tradition and respect for the environment, together with a deep respect for the natural environment, is what defines the philosophy of Bodegas Ferrera.

Try our organic wines today and savor the diversity of our Island in every drink.