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Cambiar idioma

The vine is a fascinating plant that, throughout its life cycle, goes through several vital stages. Exploring these phases is not only interesting from an agricultural perspective but also allows us to better understand the relationship between nature, the year-round work in the vineyards, and the resulting wine production.

Vineyard Pruning

Winter Dormancy

During winter, the vine enters a state of dormancy or rest. Leaves fall, leaving only dormant buds and shoots. This period is crucial for the plant's rest and recovery, preparing for its next growth season. Low temperatures stimulate the accumulation of reserves in the roots, which will be vital for awakening in spring. Vineyard pruning is carried out at the end of these months.

Bud Break and Flowering Stage

With the arrival of spring, the vine begins to awaken. Buds emerge from the dormant buds, leaves unfold, and flowering begins. This is a key moment, as pollination and fertilization of the flowers will lead to grape clusters. Temperature and weather conditions play a fundamental role in this process.

Blossoming and Pollination in the Vineyard During Spring

Berry Set and Cluster Growth

After flowering, berry set begins. Fertilized flowers transform into small clusters of green grapes. During this phase, the growth and development of the clusters are influenced by factors such as sunlight, humidity, and temperature.

Grape Ripening

Summer is the time for grape ripening. Clusters change from green to shades of gold, red, or purple, depending on the variety. Ripening is characterized by an increase in sugar content in the grapes and a decrease in acidity. Cool nights and warm days contribute to this process.

Grape Ripening During the Vine's Life Cycle


Autumn marks the climax of the cycle. Grapes reach their optimal ripeness, and it's time for harvest. Harvesting can be done manually or mechanically, depending on the techniques used in each vineyard. This is the culmination of the cycle, where grapes are collected for transformation into wine.

The grapevine's life cycle is an impressive journey that culminates in the harvest, but this is only the beginning of the winemaking process. The harvested grapes will become the core of wines with multiple nuances and flavors that reflect the annual cycle of nature.

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